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Fava Ain't Fair

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

We love mashing things here at Prince Lebanese Grill. Whether it's chickpeas, egpplant, or your new favorite, fava beans.

If you're looking for more veggie options, and you're concerned about getting your protein, look no further than the fava bean. When it comes to bean choices, the fava bean pack more protein than any other bean with 13 grams per cup.

But the benefits of the tasty dip don't stop there. There are a whole host of reasons to add the fava to your regular diet.

1. It may help with Parkinsons: Fava beans are rich in L-dopa, and your body converts this into dopamine. Parkinson’s disease is marked by low dopamine levels, eating fava beans may help with symptoms. Don't dump you meds though, yet. As promising and tasty as this treatment sounds, more testing is needed.

2. Preventing Birth Defects: Fava beans are loaded with folate, a nutrient that promotes proper brain and spinal cord development in infants. Adequate folate intake in pregnant women can help prevent defects.

3. Natural Immune Booster: Fava beans contain compounds that have been shown to boost antioxidant activity of human cells in test-tube studies. Since antioxidants enhance immune function, eating fava beans may boost immunity, but more research is needed.

4.Aid With Blood Pressure: Fava beans are loaded with micronutrients like magnesium and potassium that may help relax blood vessels and decrease high blood pressure.

Whatever the reason you eat them for, they taste amazing, and they're healthy. Remember to ask for them the next time you're in Prince Lebanese Grill!

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