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Prince At Arlington Eats

In 2022 we had one of our best summers ever.

At Prince we love everything about Arlington, and that takes on an even bigger meaning when we were asked to return to set up a pop up restaurant with the Texas Rangers for our first season ever!

With opportunities like this we knew we couldn’t just show up with our regular menu items, we had to take it to another level.

We also recognize the opportunity at hand to bring our food to the masses. Texas is big on BBQ and Mexican food, but most people aren’t familiar with what Lebanese cuisine is - to which we are excited to be the ambassadors of our tradition!

Our first creation was the Gyro bowl. Everything you love about the gyro- hot juicy strips of gyro meat thrown into a bowl with hummus, rice, veggies, and top it off with tzatziki.

But we really hit our stride and turned heads on our second outing when we brought the Shawarma Taco!

Most people don’t know this, but the Taco was actually created by the Lebanese. So we knew we had to come with a lil something extra.

The shawarma taco consisted of of a flour tortilla filled with our classic chicken shawarma, laid on a bed of hummus and rice, and topped with some bright veggies for an extra visual pop.

Needles to say everyone fell in love with these, and they’ve been a requested item ever since.

Here’s to 2023!

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