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Shhh! Our Secret Menu

Prince is known for our perfect Chicken Shawarma, light as air rice, and our daily homemade hummus.

However, you may not be aware that there are items on our menu only known to a select few.

Today that all changes.

Today we are letting you in on Prince's Secret Menu!

We've developed an entire line of special Gyro Sandwiches that have previously only available through Uber Eats, but now we're letting you order them in house.

Philly Cheese Gyro

Gyro Meat, grilled onions & peppers, mayo spread, melted provolone cheese (Served on a 10" pita)

Gyro Italiano

Gyro Meat, Super Gyros Marinara, melted provolone cheese, parmesan cheese (Served on a 10" pita)

Gyro Gordo

Gyro Meat, vermicelli cilantro rice, hummus, guacamole, pico de gallo, melted 3 cheese blend, chili sauce (Served on a 10" pita) Worthy of the name El Gordo!

Greek Gyro

Gyro Meat, crumbled feta cheese, grilled onions, fresh tomatoes, tzatziki sauce (Served on a 10" pita)

Spicy Gyro

Spicy Gyro Meat, spicy hummus spread, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, jalapenos, onions, siracha infused tzatziki sauce. (Served on a 10" pita)

Good Morning Gyro

Gyro Meat, scrambled eggs with cheese, chili sauce, cucumber pico de gallo, stuffed with French fries (Served on a 10" pita)

Super Fries

Shoestring French fries with Princes Shawarma Seasoning.

Make a reservation today to come get yours!

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